Wounded Healers LLC. is an organization whose mission is to provide resources, advocacy, and opportunities for Active duty military service members, Veterans, Caregivers, and dependents who are suffering from invisible wounds.

Wounded Healers LLC was established in 2018 after a Wounded Warrior Ambassador, Patrick Sims determined a need for a program that brought help to Active duty Military Service who were in danger of committing suicide. The need for an invisible wound program has branched out to dependents Veterans and Caregivers as well.

Our mission is to bring awareness to invisible wounds, break the stigma on mental health, and prevent suicide. The great impact of reaching out to someone just to have a cup of coffee can have a life-saving effect.

As an organization, we believe that it is important for our members to have access to resources that will help them cope with the mental health challenges they face every day. We also strive to build relationships between our members so they can support each other during difficult times.

What is an invisible Wound?

An invisible wound is but not limited to post-traumatic stress (PTSD) traumatic brain injury (TBI) or other cognitive, emotional, or behavioral conditions associated with trauma experienced by an individual

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